Tampa DUI Checkpoint on Friday the 13th

Tampa Police Department Picture of Checkpoint

The Tampa Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint on Friday, May 13, 2016.

The press release, issued by Janelle McGregor, TPD Spokesperson, went out the same day. The press release disclosed that the Tampa Police Department DUI unit would conduct a DUI checkpoint on Friday, May 13 to Saturday, May 14.

The officers with TPD were stationed near East Waters Avenue and I-275 from 10 p.m. – 1 a.m.  According to the press release, the TPD checkpoint is part of a $191,000 Florida Department of Transportation grant to ensure motorists are safe.

You can read the press release here: Tampa Police Department Conducting DUI Checkpoint

In addition to the last minute press release, TPD also issued a breaking tweet:

NEWS ALERT: Tampa Police Officers Conducting DUI Checkpoint: The Tampa Police Department DUI unit w…

Checkpoints are not allowed in many states. In Florida, they are highly ineffective at catching drunk drivers. Because officers often make mistakes in drafting the operation plan and following it in the field, many of the people arrested are later exonerated in court.

In many of these cases, the person arrested later has their case dismissed entirely after their criminal defense attorney files a motion to contest the legality of the stop and suppress any evidence gathered thereafter.

Read more about the problems with DUI Checkpoints in Florida.

If you witnessed the checkpoint, leave a message below. We will update the post with information about how many citations and arrests were made as soon as the information is released.

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