New Procedures for Getting DUI Videos from Florida Highway Patrol

It has always been difficult to get the DUI arrest videos from the Florida Highway Patrol. In many of these cases the defense attorney ends up filing a motion to compel the prosecutor to provide the video. The court then orders the prosecutor to provide the video within a certain number of days or face a sanction (including the exclusion of certain evidence from trial).

Alternatively, the defense attorney can contact the Florida Highway Patrol directly. The old procedure was to provide a blank DVD or CD media to the FHP, with the request and a SASE. The fact that the prosecutors have problems getting the video in a timely manner also explains why defense attorneys often face the same problem.

Under the new procedure just announced by the Troop C – Pinellas Park District of FHP, they are no longer accepting a blank DVD or CD media for security reasons. You can make the request in writing and mail the request to the Senior Clerk in the Records & Court Liaison department. You can also send the request for the DUI video via email or fax.

Once the video has been completed, the Senor Clerk will send an invoice showing the charge for processing. The charge for processing of videos is $3.48 per a quarter hour (15 minutes). The first half-hour is free. There also will be a charge for the blank media, postage, and mailing materials used to complete the request.

Good luck!

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