Florida Highway Patrol Says “Don’t Drink and Drive!”

On December 2, 2013, the Florida Highway Patrol launched its attempt at an “innovative” public awareness campaign. According to the FHP, this video is aimed at stopping college-aged adults from driving impaired.

The video is narrated by Captain Nancy Rasmussen, the FHP’s Chief of Public Affairs. It starts with a Lt. Jimmie Collins as  a “tough-nosed trooper.” Lt. Jimmie Collins starts off by yelling at college students in a bar while pounding on the table in a threatening manner, “How many drinks you had? Who’s the designated driver?”

Next you can see the trooper tackling a man getting into his vehicle and throwing him to the ground. Captain Nancy Rasmussen says with a serious monotone, “Effective, but not practical.”

If this is suppose to be funny then something is missing from Captain Rasmussen’s delivery. She ends it with this phrase, “Be responsible, don’t drink and drive.”

Along with the video, FHP released a press release subtitled “FHP puts a new spin on ‘Tackling’ the problem of impaired driving.”

Captain Nancy Rasmussen explains: “Our goal is to reach the younger drivers. Trying to capture the attention of young drivers is difficult, especially on topics with deadly life changing consequences… We hope this PSA will capture the attention of young people and make them think.”

College-aged young people who will never see this video. But what do you think of the message it sends to its recruits?

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  1. Charles
    Posted December 23, 2013 at 01:57 | Permalink | Reply

    It’s the season of drunk driving!

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