Driving While Blonde and FHP Trooper Melvin Arthur’s Creepy DUI Statistics

FHP Melvin Authur Arrest Video Picture

The evidence showed that Trooper Melvin Arthur got a good look at Sally Adams before he decided to stop her for having a broken tag light.

On the arrest video where Sally Adams was wrongfully accused of DUI, Trooper Arthur Melvin forgot to turn off the mic before he told the other troopers: “I put her fu-king ass in the dirt.”

She later blew a .038 which is well-below the legal limit. Attorney Andrea Mogenson represented Ms. Adams at trial. You can read more about the trial or watch the arrest video here – Jury Acquits Local Arrest after a DUI Arrest. [Andrea Mogenson is no stranger to the FHP – she was also involved in the investigation of Trooper Scott Kunstmann.]

Trooper Melvin Arthur’s Creepy DUI Statistics

One of the interesting things about the case happened right before the trial. The prosecutor, Shannon Hankin, convinced the judge to exclude any mention of the “implication that Trooper (Melvin) Arthur profiles female drivers, stops a disproportionate number of female drivers, or arrests a disproportionate number of female drivers. Said allegations are not relevant to any fact and have not been supported by any materials provided through discovery.”

Trooper Melvin Arthur has a reputation among many criminal defense attorneys in Sarasota for stopping and arresting more women than men. It took some effort for Trooper Melvin Arthur to earn that reputation.

It was reported by the Herald-Tribune that when it reviewed the data from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) for all traffic stops made by Trooper Melvin Arthur in 2012 it found that almost two-thirds of the drivers he pulled over were women. 62% of the individuals arrested for DUI were women.

These statistics are amazing because across the United States roughly three-fourths of all people arrested for DUI are men. Math was never my strong suit, but looking at these numbers suggest to me that Trooper Melvin Arthur is going out of his way to target women.

Florida Highway Patrol’s Response

Seems like the Florida Highway Patrol would want to find out why Trooper Melvin Arthur is arresting so many women. According to the newspaper report, FHP had no plans to open an investigation. Reporter Tim Lyons wrote an editorial that pointed out the problem with FHP’s response to these DUI statistics:

An FHP spokeswoman’s words to a reporter indicate the state has no interest in the trooper’s gender statistics aside from assuming there is surely a proper explanation. Problem is, spokeswoman Leslie Palmer could only cite rather silly facts — 52 percent of the people in Sarasota County are women, she said, and there are three local universities — that she pretended could provide an explanation for Arthur’s stop and arrest stats being so different from the norm.

“We don’t respond to hearsay in the community,” she told reporter Lee Williams.

Hearsay? That’s what weird arrest stats are to the FHP?

Arresting a disproportionate number of women, especially attractive blonde women, is a sure way to get the media riled up.

The media doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the sheer number of people being arrested and blowing well below the legal limit. No one reports on how many of those cases also involve a completely clean urine test proving that no drugs were present in the driver’s system. The fact that these wrongful arrests overwhelming impacts people of color also doesn’t get much attention.

Trooper Arthur Melvin is the Trooper of the Year

Despite his creepy DUI statistics for targeting women and arresting individuals who blow well-below the legal limit, he might be the best Troup F has to offer.

Trooper Arthur Melvin received one of the Advisory Committee Excellence (ACE) Awards in Ft. Myers. The ACE award is presented by the Florida Highway Patrol & Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council and the DHSMV Advisory Group. Trooper Melvin Arthur received the “2012 Trooper of the Year” award for Troup F. He receive the award while his family stood by at a luncheon in the Ft. Myers District Headquarters on July 20, 2012.

Trooper Melvin was also honored at MADD’s 13th Annual Law Enforcement Symposium and Recognition Event held on May 4th, 2013 at the DoubleTree Westshore in Tampa because he was one of 10 troopers who made over 100 DUI arrests in 2012.

I bet Trooper Melvin Arthur will keep a closer eye on those stats in the future. In the meantime, the ladies should be careful driving while blonde in Sarasota County.

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