Florida’s Missing COBRA Data for the Intoxilyzer 8000

Did CMI recently start uploading a new software version on Intoxilyzer 8000 instruments in Florida? The new software version is still being called 8100.27 (often called “Version 27”), but this new software has started causing a big glitch. The glitch makes the COBRA data disappear in monthly inspections and for certain test subject electronic data.

This glitch explains why FDLE went for four months without uploading the new COBRA data on the FDLE website. When the data finally went back online, some of the glitches became obvious. It may turn out that COBRA software was updated as well. The point is that no one in Florida really has any idea why CMI is up to. CMI changes the software on the Intoxilyzer 8000 and hides not only the changes but the very fact that the changes were made.

Take a look at this Agency Inspection on Intoxilyzer 80-003387:

As you can see, the results of the agency inspection are completely missing. For example, it doesn’t show any of the test result including the alcohol free test, the diagnostic check, or the mouth alcohol test.

The next month, the agency inspection has all of the data being reported:

CMI’s COBRA program allows test results to be uploaded to a personal computer for record-keeping and data management. COBRA also provides remote diagnostic and calibration verification capabilities. COBRA is a Windows® based application. What CMI doesn’t advertise publicly is that the COBRA program also allows CMI to remotely “update” the software in an attempt to fix glitches on each instrument. Unfortunately, whenever CMI tries to fix one glitch it ends up causing a host of other glitches.

Who out there can explain what happened to the missing COBRA data?

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