Hillsborough County DUI Investigations by Operation 3D – Don’t Drink & Drive

Watch this new video released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office discussing the tactics used by the “Operation 3D” program. Operation 3D stands for “Don’t Drink & Drive.” The program conducts roadblocks that delay and detain law abiding citizens on the roadways throughout Hillsborough County.

Thousands of citizens are delayed or detained just because they are driving on a certain roadway. A tiny percentage of those individuals are suspected of DUI. In fact, in many roadblocks no one is arrested for DUI during the entire operation.

If dozens of officers are taken away from their jobs answering calls for assistance or patrolling the roads looking for impaired drivers then why would anyone be in favor of roadblocks? Roadblocks are about a “show of force.” Law enforcement officer get to detain drivers who are doing nothing wrong. It sends a message to the public that even if you are not impaired, if you have a drink and drive then you run the risk that:

  • you can be accused of DUI;
  • your vehicle can be searched and impounded;
  • you can be asked to perform roadside agility exercises;
  • you can be handcuffed and taken to jail, and
  • you can be asked to submit to intrusive breath, urine or blood tests.

Keeping drunk drivers off the roadway is an important goal. However, during a DUI roadblock in Hillsborough County all law abiding citizens pay a price. Watch the video where citizens subjected to the roadblock are video taped by HCSO while being asked if they mind the detention. No one complained.

“No officer, I loved being detained for no reason. I like it even more now that you are pointing a video camera at me and asking questions about whether I mind being detained. [Confused look – Is this a trick question?] Thank you and continue to detain me for as long as necessary for the sake of ‘safety’ and your educational video.”

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