Former Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy Sued for False Arrest in DUI Case

Fired Deputy, Hillsborough Sheriff Sued Over DUI Arrest
By Tom Brennan
Tampa Bay Online

Former Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy Sued for False Arrest in DUI Case

TAMPA – A Lithia man who claims he was unjustly arrested for drunk driving in 2006 has sued the deputy who charged him, Sheriff David Gee and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert Reed, 44, claims former Deputy Daniel Eugene Brock verbally accosted him, falsely arrested him and later defrauded his insurance company.

Brock was the county’s top deputy for driving under the influence (“DUI”) arrests until he was fired in May 2007. A Florida Department of Law Enforcement review exonerated him of falsifying DUI arrest records, but an internal investigation found he ignored sheriff’s office procedures for making arrests and for turning in DUI reports…


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  1. Kim Ross
    Posted December 4, 2014 at 23:23 | Permalink | Reply

    Hi my name is Kim Ross and I am to appear in court on 12/22 2014 at 8:30am. I have called the sherriffs station asking why or how I can be stopped being profiled by the police. In 2006 I was stopped by a police officer named Daniel Brock who lied in every detail of my report. He said I was a piece of shit cause I was a Canadian and then found out I am an in the carnival business and then told me I am a real piece of shit cause I am a carny. He accused me of drinking when I told him I only drank one drink two hours before he stopped me. He made me do numerous sobriety tests ,I passed them all then told me to turn around and handcuffed me . I turned my head not my body and asked why he is doing this… He took my head and threw me to the ground and shoved my face in the gravel.. I was crying and he dragged me to his car and took me to the police station…He had no reason to stop me I drove perfectly that day. He wrote me up or so he says a .04 way under the limit .. Which I know that was wrong cause when I had that one drink I ran to the bathroom and threw it up , cause it had milk in it and I can’t drink milk I never could since I was a little girl.. He had no cause at all to stop me, no reason at all , i drove perfectly. Later on I find out he was fired for falsley accusing people of Dui’s and falsely writing false reports. The news paper article on daniel brock read everything he had written in my report I kept telling my lawyer I was not guilty…my lawyer convinced me not to wait for the cd recording to come back and to take wreck less driving. I kept telling my lawyer no that recording will prove my innocence. Well my lawyer said no Kim just take what they are giving you. I was mad and so emotionally destroyed from what this cop did to me. I took wreck less driving and later when we got the cd…the officer Daniel Brock had erased the recording of me that day. So it had nothing on it but him driving me to the cop station… I’m not a drinker nor do I enjoy the taste of alcohol but yes on the occasion I might go out for dinner and have a drink but I never have more than a couple maybe once or twice a year. After this arrest in 2006 of November Daniel Brock was fired for falsley arresting people and falsefying all his reports,which I did not find out till 2013 when i was angry of my arrest and why these police are doing this to me.Since this I have been stopped and everytime accuse of drinking right away and asked always to do sobriety tests when I’m not even had a drink. Then in 2013 I was leaving a coffee event and going to take my son to the movies in Ybor cause next day I was admitting him into the lighthouse in dade city. There a girl asked me to give her a ride to her car…which was way over on Kennedy blvd…she was so drunk.. As I’m driving down Kennedy I notice a police officer named madus following me for a long time I was upset I knew he was profiling me. He waited for a few miles then stopped me . When he came up to the car he said I smell alcohol ,I said not from me I hadn’t been drinking and i told him earlier i was at a coffee event and dropped my son off at the movies.He told that girl to get out and go wait over on the sidewalk and he will call her a cab not even talking to her or seeing the alcohol was from her. I knew I was in big trouble then and was scared for the fact the last police officer told so many lies on my report or should I say the whole report was a lie. So he tells me to get out and makes me do all these sobriety tests which I pass cause I’m straight. And tells me to turn around your under arrest . I told him I am not guilty I have not had anything to drink. He didn’t care ,I said I’m not doing no more tests or anything you are a bad cop. Your not right. Well he lied in his report said I was swerving in and out of the lanes and his recording shows I was driving straight the whole time. I though had sunglasses on at night cause I had an injury to my eye and I took them off I told the girl in the car with me I can’t see with these glasses and I put them on my front dash ,they slid to the ground and I reached to pick them up but video does not show my car swerving. Which I told the cop when he said I was swerving that I went to pick up my glasses ,I had the medication in the car and he said he didn’t want to see it. I was crying and devestated cause I was to fly out to Canada for my grandpas funeral cause he died the day before. The police officer put an immigration hold on me,I spent four days in jail and missed my grandfathers funeral. The charge was dropped to wreck less driving. That night I was arrested my son was calling me to pick him up from the movies . But I was in jail . The police told him he couldn’t wait their on the street at the movies for me so my son started walking home he got mugged they stole his wallet and stole his brand new Nike shoes I had bought him and beat him up. When I got home from jail I came home to the saddest letter a mother could get from a son on how I failed him. Then after a week of this arrest I went to Ybor to meet a business associate about doing some advertising on his taxi cars down in Ybor. As I was leaving Ybor this is like maybe around 6pm I notice a cop following me .He followed me for a couple miles I knew he was running my plate and I was going to be profiled again….well he stopped me told me to get out and come to the back of the car,he said are you willing to take some sobriety tests,I said yes I have not been drinking. He made me do one anyways ,I told him of my recent false arrest and he apologized and let me go. ..
    So now on November 11/2014 my sons gf asks me to go out she been asking me for weeks I kept telling her no. So I finally said okay, even though i did not want to go out but i did just to please her,but I told her i don’t go out and drink and drive ,she said she would drive if I decided to have a drink. So I go out and it was so cold in the Kennedy where she wanted to go so I said maybe if I have a couple drinks I will not feel the cold.That night I find out she doesn’t have her license she been lying to me for weeks about having a license so I drive . I say I will be alright cause I only had a couple drinks,,,but they were very strong drinks that when I drank them,I told her Danielle this is the reason I don’t drink I can’t stand the taste and they make them so strong like their putting in more than an ounce in those drinks which I asked the bartender for an extra glass and another glass with pineapple juice cause those drinks were strong and nasty and I had to dilute them. So I made those two drinks into an extra drink… So we leave the Kennedy and I am parked on the street so I drive down the back streets for about five blocks to get back on Kennedy blvd to go home. As soon as I pull on Kennedy blvd I see a cop who is officer Gonzalez . I go great he’s probably going to follow us.. He was sitting in an empty parking lot of a business just waiting for someone to come by. So he starts following me I know he’s running my plate and profiling me and I’m just terrified, so I go down Kennedy and I travel two blocks and make a left on Howard I go to 275 and I travel to 275n towards Ocala and as soon as I get on 275 to Ocala I travel about half a mile I come upon construction the workers that night put up cones that night with no arrows telling the traffic to get over so you pretty much run practically in to these cones so I said Danielle dang look how they put up these cones and I hurry and switch over to the next lane,cop still following me .i get off on Martin Luther king exit where my house is down the street . I almost get to the corner of mlk and Nebraska and the cop turns his lights on,this cop followed me for exactly 4.5 miles. Now if that is not profiling someone to find a reason to stop me. I pull into the gas station,he asks where I was well me being a God bearing woman will not lie I say I was at the Kennedy. He asks how much have you had to drink I said two drinks but later I told him I made them into an extra drink cause they make them so strong. He asks me to do sobriety test well the one he asked I knew I could not do it well cause of my broken foot and arthritis in my foot. And of course I didn’t do it well and he arrests me. I was two blocks from home I asked him by the grace of God if he could save my soul…he had no intention of that since he followed me for 4.5 miles. So he takes me to jail and I start telling him about my arrest in 2006 from the cop they fired and tell him that all you cops been profiling me ever since and I have no way to win in life. So he gets on his phone looking to see if I was telling the truth about this cop that got fired. He then feels remorse for me and says Kim why have you not taken this cop to court so I start telling him I had no idea this cop got fired till 2013 when I started looking him up cause his arrest has destroyed my life it has taken all my savings I had saved up …paying fines and lawyers. And then I tell him how terrified I am of the police and how I have no faith or trust in them. So I tell him the story of my arrest in 2004 in Minneapolis when I got in an accident cause my flip flop shoe got caught on my gas pedal causing an accident. The cop stops me and I’m straight he has me on the side of the road for an hour sees my carnival Id. and he too tells me I’m a piece of shit. I say to the cop do I need to call a lawyer since he has me standing there for an hour,no other vehicles at scene of accident. He comes running up to me grabs me carries me or dragging me to his car and slams my head on the hood of the car. He handcuffs me and I’m crying and throws me in his car. He takes me to the city jail of Minneapolis . Brings me in there ,their is four other cops their besides him. They remove my handcuffs and stand me in the middle of the floor ask me to take my jewlery off ,it won’t come off so he sprays windex on my hands then continues to spray windex in my eyes. I’m crying he says step to the counter ,the cop behind the counter says are you on any medication I say I was prescribed stuff for depression cause I was in an accident with my bf driving and the accident knocked out all my top teeth and broke my shoulder. The cop then says oh you are crazy then ,I say no and I’m crying . He says I’m going to ask you again are you crazy I say no. Then he goes I’m going to ask you one more time are you crazy and if you don’t give us the right answer all these cops are going to hurt you. I say crying I am not crazy. All four cops jump me and slam my head on the counter then drag me to the cement wall and smash my head in the cement wall while brutally punching me. I’m crying and they tell me we are going to send you to another jail and we are not going to book you and no one will ever find you. They handcuff me and put me in a cell that was covered in urine and blood with only a 2foot square that didn’t have urine or blood on it to sit i had to sit up on my feet the whole time cause the space was so small without blood or urine on it.I’m crying and they close the door.. Later they come to the window and I say I have to go to the bathroom. The whole time I’m handcuffed cause they put the handcuffs back on me when they put me in the cell…the one cop comes in and he takes the handcuffs off of me. While all the other cops standing at my cell. I ask them are you going to leave so i can go to the bathroom. They said no. I was not going to pee on myself so I pulled my pants down to where hopeing they can’t see and they all watched me go to the bathroom. They leave after they handcuff me again and come back not sure how much later and say were sending you to the other jail and not going to book you so no one can find you. They do just that. So I get to the other jail I’m still crying and all beat up,they put me in a cell and take my handcuffs off. Then the cop their at the new jail says Kim we need you to see the nurse. So I go see the nurse for my injuries and tell her the story of what they did and how I quietly took every beating and abuse they gave me. So then she sends me back to my cell. The chief of police from this jail district shows up and is apologizing to me for what has happend to me and says Kim we have to send you back to that jail to get booked just do as they say so we can release you,then Kim when you get out you need to get a lawyer and sue these officers for the brutality they have done to you. I got out of jail and I went to a couple lawyers ,they said are you kidding no one goes up against the city police of Minneapolis . I was devastated and emotionally destroyed. I all my life have lived a life of loving everyone and forgiving and have no enemies and was raised in a church from a baby.. And attend Tampa bible institute taking bible courses where so far I have recieved two certificates of completion. If I did not have God I do not know how I would get through this life of terrible experiences. I’m not a drinker and if I have a drink on occasion might be once or twice a year…now cause of this arrest I told my kids were not having Christmas this year cause i spent the money on my dui classes and paying for the tow bill and bond, and other fines and classes. I have never hit or hurt anyone in my life as I was raised by the bible to love and forgive everyone. Until I learned to drive and met the brutality of these officers. I try so hard to be a good citizen and tried never to have a record but by me running into a few bad officers has destroyed my life…I am emotionally destroyed and after my 2013 arrest I had a consultation with a woman at the dui office she emotionally destroyed me said you look like a drug addict your probably on drugs now, she said why you talk so slow i told her i had seen a neurologist for three years for injury to my head,she pulled up every arrest picture I had and said you look like a drug addict ,I told her I don’t do drugs or drink maybe on occasion I might have a drink. I told her I smoke cigarettes and hardly ever eat and that I been abused all my life. And that I was in an abusive relationship for the last 9 years, and in three more abusive relationships before that where the men would beat me up,she kept trashing me. I left that office crying. Then I wrote letter to their office reporting her. I try so hard in my life,but I come across these people that are not kind. Through all my trials and tribulations I have no idea what god has In store for me or the reason behind it. If I did not come across Daniel Brock that day I would not have these charges or be profiled over and over. . If you look at my Fb page it’s always about God and pictures that’s it …I attend church 3 times a week and try so hard to be this good person. But this now has or is destroying me , I have cried quite a bit over this last arrest then I have to stop myself and say Kim where is your faith. I am penniless I can’t afford a lawyer or a fine I don’t know what I’m going to do….I’m not a bad person,when people meet me my friends say that’s Kim she really has god….and that’s who I am I live and breathe god… And that lady in the dui office has no right to judge me by my looks cause they have gotten alot better since I quit smoking three years ago and started eating more and really been digging deeper and deeper in the life of God. But now i picked up cigarettes again but i willl quit ,the stress just took me over again. I went to church last sunday had to tell them i couldnt make it to church next week they asked why i started crying and had to tell them i have to attend dui classes. I am asking you sir to please don’t be hard on me. It took me alot to write this letter I cried while writing it cause of the memories I had to recall again… But the day of my arrest while sitting in the police station while officer Gonzalez was writing up his report over the radio they were talking and saying that within a four block radius they had 12 cop cars stationed in the area waiting on people to stop. Officer Gonzalez did not see me leave the location i was at that night cause i came from two blocks where he was sitting on kennedy blvd two blocks from the kennedy.Also the fact when I had to call my husband to go get the car out from being impounded my registration and insurance card was not in my car,they would not release the car to us. And it was a holiday so my husband could not go to the tag office to get a new one. So that day I had to call and find out what station officer gonzalez worked at to get the registration to get the car. I got a hold of him three stations later he had our insurance and registration and dropped it off late that night at my house which caused us an extra charge cause the tow company closed and we could not get the car till the next day.

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